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How Much Fragrance Oil To Use For Candle Making?



I am going to make a candle and recommended fragrance usage is 3%. 3% = 1 tablespoon?

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One Response to How Much Fragrance Oil To Use For Candle Making?

  • Admin says:

    Fragrance oil is measured by weight, not volume, so don’t use a tablespoon.

    A 3% scent load is 3% of the weight of the wax. You have to weigh the wax for your project. So if your candle is using say 12.5 oz of wax, you take 12.5 x 3 % key on your calculator. If you don’t have a percent key, then 12.5 x .03 = .375.

    That means .375 oz of fragrance oil. That has to be weighed, too because not all frangrance oils weigh the same. Put a shot glass onto your digital scale, tare the weight to zero and pour .375 oz of FO. That’s how you do it.

    Don’t know how much wax your container is going to use? Put the empty container on a scale and write down the weight. Now fill it with water to the wax line and write down that weight. Subtract the two and take the result times 86%. That’s how much wax your project will need.

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