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How To Make Palm Wax Candles


It’s time to make those candles now.

Hello Candle Lovers!

Not long ago I belonged to some MLM “Candle of the Month” program just to get their gourmet scented candles at wholesale. Each and every month I’d get a new fragrance delivered right to my door. Those candles were to DIE for. The scent throw filled an entire room with fragrance and that was without even lighting the darn things! I’d light one up in the living room and within minutes I could smell it all the way down the hallway and into the bedrooms. I’d always get comments on how nice my house smelled.

The beautiful crystal patterns of the wax were so unique, something not seen in plain old paraffin or soy candles. Unlike other candles that tunnel a hole down through the middle when burned, those gourmet scented candles created a beautiful wax pool that released every drop of fragrance. There was never any wasted wax.

But for crying out loud, it was costing me over $50 a month for membership! Hey, don’t get me wrong, the products were good, but so horribly over-priced. Plus, it was a waste of money if I didn’t like the fragrance that month. I had to blow the flame out on that deal and told them NO MORE!

Long story short, I figured out how to make my OWN gourmet scented candles – just like those expensive ones. I’ll let you in on a little secret, IT AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE! Click here and learn how make candles.

UPDATE:  Now comes with new bonus product.  Free with your purchase, How To Make Soy Clamshell Tart Chunks.

How To Make Your Own Gourmet Scented Candles - Get It Now!


Learn to make your own palm wax candles

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